Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to write to us :)

Hello there Ladies!
Welcome to:

This is website has been created solely and exclusively for girls and women who are experiencing difficulty in making any kind of decisions.
Whether it's about your personal problems, other people you know or other general stuff, we're here for you, we will be here to answer your questions, give you our opinions, address your fears and issues and problems.

Most importantly, this is a place we want you to feel safe coming to with your problems and questions, especially if you feel like you have no one else to turn to in your surroundings. Feel free to tell us your thoughts and we are here to help you with any problems you might have.

There's just a few simple instructions on how to reach us! :-)

1. Email us at and please include in the subject line what your email is about e.g. Family, Friends, Personal etc. And also please let us know if you want your issue to be TOTALLY private or if you just want to have an anonymous name.
2. We will then reply to your email ASAP.
How, you ask?
Well, this depends on whether you have chosen the totally private option, or the anonymous name option. If you have opted for total privacy, we will simply email you back as soon as humanly possible. (And for your info, we can be superhumanly quick!) Otherwise, click on the button which corresponds to your email under the Other Pages header on the side!
We will send you a notification that we have responded, and give you a link to our response, which will be posted on our blog (all names will be set to anonymous or the fake name which you send to us.)

Hope we are able to help you in anyway! :)